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My name is Peter and I am the guy behind Tavern of Dreams. Welcome! I am fascinated by Dreams for a decade or so. Later on I realised I am interested not only in dreams but related phenomenas like near death and out of body experiences. Also – meditation, psychedelics, virtual reality and so on. Basically, I got this curiosity about “what the hell is this game called Life?”

Tavern of Dreams started as a library of resources about Lucid Dreaming. However, somewhere along the way I realised it is to hard to keep up with every book, movie and app about dreams. At the end I decided to discontinue gathering resources and left with a blog only.

Everything started really funny – my childhood friend once told me how to remember my dreams. The method was really simple – you have to look at your palms every morning you wake up. And it was working. Every morning I started  looking at my palms and every time dreams from last night just flooded to my head. Each time they were more vivid and more detailed than the previous one. Only some time later I realized why it was working.

It was like an alternate reality for me. And then I found out about lucid dreams. The idea of becoming aware that you are in a dream while dreaming was just… fascinating, scary, unbelievable!
I was reading books on the subject, practicing various techniques – all that without any luck, unfortunately. Yes, it took me few years to finally experience my first lucid dream… which lasted 2 seconds because I became too excited!

However, that was a big motivational boost for such an unsuccessful learner like me to continue exploring dreams phenomenon.

What I saw incredibly frustrated at first, turned out to be a huge benefit later. By reading pile of books, filling hundreds of dream journal entries, executing thousands of reality checks, days of analyzing and preparing I became quite confident in the subject. So I decided to help others.

As I love fiddling on my computer on long evenings it was natural to choose a website as a medium. That’s how Tavern of Dreams was born.

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I hope together we will have a wonderful journey.

And by the way, how do you know you are not dreaming right now?