Lucid Dreaming Pills

No supplement can replace hard work and determination, and lucid dreaming requires a solid foundation of preparation, but if you need some help – there it is. Read about lucid dreaming supplements basics.  And remember – consult your doctor before taking any supplement!


Melatonin is primarily used for sleep problems. It helps you to fall asleep. As you get more deep sleep after consuming it, there is a chance that later in the morning REM rebound will happen and you will have prolonged dreaming. From my... Read more

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Lucidimine includes some best ingredients for lucid dreamers - Galantamine (6mg) with Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline. I-Theanine is added for calm focus. Galantamine is by far the most consistent lucid dreaming supplement. Lucidimine directly... Read more

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Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams aids in increasing serotonin and Acetyl-choline levels and puts one into a deep-sleep faster and a non-REM sleep, which produces a REM rebound effect later on in the night or early morning in which dreams are usually much more ... Read more

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Dream Leaf

Dream Leaf promotes lucid dreaming, dream recall and balanced sleep. Dream Leaf is used to enhance the lucid dream experience by causing dreams to be longer, more vivid, and easier to remember. Dream Leaf also causes a heightened sense of ... Read more

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