Books on Lucid Dreaming

Choose from the best books on lucid dreaming, near death and out of body experiences. Learn and gain insights from authors that have decades and decades dealing with these phenomenons. 

Exploring the World of LD

This book by Stephen LaBerge goes far beyond the confines of pop dream psychology,establishing a scientifically researched framework for using lucid dreaming.             &nb... Read more

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Gateway to the Inner Self

This book by Robert Waggoner offers exciting insights and vivid illustrations that will intrigue not only avid dream workers but anyone who is interested in consciousness, identity, and the definition of reality.     &nb... Read more

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Are you Dreaming?

Just about everything you could possibly need to know about lucid dreaming. A thoroughly enjoyable, compendious and insightful guide by Daniel Love for those interested in exploring their inner worlds.      &nb... Read more

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Adventures in the Afterlife

After being diagnosed with cancer, William Buhlman, author of Adventures Beyond the Body, pursued answers to the mysteries of our existence after death.              &nbs... Read more

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