Earphones for Sleeping

There are many of us who love to listen to something while in bed. Unfortunately, sometimes having your earphones at night might become real pain in the butt!


So how did I came up with this post? One night I went to bed, put my ear buds in and started to play a binaural beat for lucid dream induction by Hemi-Sync.  I was lying on my back-not my favorite sleeping position. I always sleep on my belly. Unfortunately, with my earphones in, I couldn’t turn on my side nor on my belly, because the earphones would press into my ear canal and cause pain. Not enough of that, after 30 min or so the ear buds became sweaty and started to slip out of my ears.

Then I became so eager to roll on my belly, my whole body started itching! That plus sweaty slipping ear buds completely ruined my session! I just couldn’t relax and let go with that kind of discomfort. However I remembered that I have very comfy sleep plugs made from foam. I decided to modify my earphones a little.

Ear plugs, knife and pen gagEarphones, and pen tip

For the best sleeping headphones you will need:

  • Foam ear plugs. I got it in a set with sleeping mask and sleeping pillow.
  • Knife or scissors to cut the plug to a desirable size.
  • Ball pen shaft or a gag for drilling a hole in a plug.

Note that I have earphones with a stem.


First of all, cut the plugs to a size you want with a knife. Then according to your earphones’ stem size, choose a pen gag or shaft to make a hole with. To make a hole just push a gag or shaft into the middle of a plug and twist few times. That’s it! Now just replace your old buds.

Cool, but there is something even more cooler!

Making a hole into a plugFinal result

With these new ear buds I now can sleep on my side and on my belly without discomfort. My new earphones don’t slip out of my ears too. However, if you want even more comfort, look for headband earphones. And if you would like to get ULTRA comfy, there are even cordless headphones for sleeping. They use bluetooth to communicate. Cheapest headband earphones I found on Amazon was 20$. The SleepPhones are most popular. Wireless headphones cost around 100$. I also searched for for foam ear plugs if you need them. Once I was dreaming about kissing a girl. It was very strange,  because it felt like kissing a plastic bottle. Apparently I was all hooked up in my mp3 player’s wire!


Slide the Speakers into the fabric and stick the wire

Remove the plastics from Earphones

I now have a better solution for those who want to sleep with earphones. Buy a cheap sports headband and cheap earphones. Remove the plastic parts from the earphones – only speakers should be left (See picture). Then cut two holes in the fabric of headband for the speakers and one little hole for wire in the back. You can also cut only one hole for the speakers and then slide one speaker to the other side of the headband if you want more tidy work. Stick the wire through the hole in the back and slide the speakers between the fabrics of the headband. If you had the earphones with a mic, just remove it. Adjust the speakers so they are aligned to your ears. Done! Now you have sleeping earphones for only 6 bucks. Check out these solutions, if you want to listen to music while in bed.
Sweet Dreams!

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