Earphones for Sleeping

Listening to music or soothing sounds while sleeping can be uncomfortable, especially with ear buds. Luckily there are many earphones for sleeping and pillow speakers for that. Low on budget? Try to modify your own earphones for more comfortable use while sleeping. 

SleepPhones Headphones

Wireless headband earphones for sleeping. These use bluetooth to stream from audio device. Rechargeable with micro-USB cable with 8-12 hours of battery life. Comes in 3 sizes. There is also non wireless version.     ... Read more

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Bedphones Headphones

Bedphones are the most comfortable headphones for sleep. At less than 1/4" total thickness, you can barely feel the foam-covered speakers lying flat against your ears. Earhooks made from soft, rubber-coated moldable memory wire provide a cu... Read more

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BodiSpa Pillow

Take comfort to a new level with the new Bodispa Traveler Massaging Pillow. At first glance, it looks just like any other U-shaped pillow you see by the hundreds in any airport, but this is like nothing you've ever seen before. A closer loo... Read more

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Sound Oasis Speakers

These thin speakers fit into your pillow and surround your head with sound therapy. The plug fits most of the audio devices. In-line volume control is present too. Two Advanced Ultra-thin Speakers perfect to fit under you Standard up to ... Read more

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Conair Sound Pillow

Support your tired back and neck with this ultra-plush and super-cozy pillow with soothing sounds. Choose from ten sounds (heartbeat, rain forest, falling rain, songbirds, ocean waves, thunderstorm, running stream, summer night, train and w... Read more

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