Foods that Induce Lucid Dreaming

So you want to put some delicious food into your system and enjoy a wonderful Lucid Dream?

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Or are looking for that magic food for Lucid Dreaming? Okay. Few hours before bed let’s eat our meal which will consist of 5 kg of tuna, 50 cups of pistachios, 67 bananas and for desert – some turkey and pumpkin seeds.

If you really consider taking these foods, I want to say I am not responsible for your health! This meal would contain about 150 mg of Vitamin B6 and 1 g of Tryptophan. Let me explain: Vitamin B6 converts amino acid Tryptophan into Serotonin, which produces vivid dreams. Normal adult needs only about 1,5 mg of Vitamin B6 every day, which he can easily get from food. However, to have more intense dreams, you would need about 100 mg of Vitamin B6. More Vitamin B6 – more Tryptophan is converted to Serotonin. It is really hard to get that amount of vitamin B6 only from food. For example, one of the richest foods for Vitamin B6 – tuna, has only 0.5 mg of it in one portion. Solution – Vitamin B6 pills. But for this time let’s stick to food only. It is quite different situation with Tryptophan – you could eat some turkey and pumpkin seeds and that would be enough for a “lucid dream dose”

Why can’t you consume serotonin directly? – you would ask. The blood brain barrier won’t let it through directly. Instead, Vitamin B6 and Tryptophan can be metabolized in the body and sent to the brain.

Oh, I forgot to mention something

Nor foods nor supplements DON’T give you Lucid Dreams directly! They don’t improve your skills to become aware in your dreams. However, they may increase dream vividness and bizarrness , which CAN lead to becoming Lucid in your dream.

Imagine a crowded public. You don’t remember people unless they stand out. Same here with Dreams. Let’s say you are having a dream about bear. Now let’s say you are having a dream about giant cute bear who is shooting lasers from his eyes, you are feeling the smell o an animal, you feel the wind blowing when he walks… Now in which case would you be more likely to recognize that you are dreaming? That’s right!

Yeah, Yeah, tell me what to eat!

The foods for Vitamin B6 are: Dried Herbs and Spices, Pistachios, Garlic, Liver, Fish, Sunflower seeds, Pork, Hazelnuts, Sorghum syrup, Bananas, Tomato juice, Baked potato, Soybeans. Like I said, I recommend taking Vitamin B6 supplement if you are serious about this.

source: Wikipedia

The foods for Tryptophan are: Tofu, Pumpkin seeds, Halibut, Cheese, Lamb, Salmon, Soy sauce, Tuna, Turkey, Chicken, Mangoes, Dates, Yogurt, Chocolate, Brown rice. The best for this job is Cheddar cheese.

So, few hours left before you go to sleep? Get some Vitamin B6 and Tryptophan into your system and prepare TO HAVE THE MOST AWESOME LUCID DREAM OF YOUR LIFE. I’m kidding, but there is chance you will get more vivid dreams and improved dream recall.


Sweet Dreams!

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