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Get Lucid With Your Android

Hello, today I am reviewing an app called Lucid Dream Ultimate for android phones. I use it almost every day and absolutely love it! Read on.

So why do I love it?


Well, mostly because of built in Dream Journal. It is great. You can easily add, edit and delete  your entries. Each entry includes date and time, title of the dream, your emotion and notes. I have put a screenshot of it. You can protect your journal with password. Another cool thing is that you can backup your entries in a text or html document. This becomes handy, when you want to share your dreams with someone or store them in another place.

Lucid Dream Ultimate InterfaceWriting your dreams into a journal is essential for good dream recall. I have a paper journal too. The problem with it is taht I have to got up, light up my lamp, search for a pen and try to write the dream so afterwards I would understand it. That is really hard! Now with this app it’s much more simpler. The background of the text is black so it doesn’t hurt your eyes when you just woke up.

It is so clever it reminds you to check reality!

Lucid Dream Ultimate has a Reminder which reminds you to check reality. For example, you can set up the reminder from 8:00 to 23:00 to go off every 1 hour. The reminder contains a sound and a message in your phone’s status bar. It would be cool if you could configure the sound though. It is great if you are always forgetting to check reality. I have used it before, but now I try to remember by myself. I will tell you one mistake I was making when using this reminder. After some time, I began to check reality only mechanically, just to check it and return to my activity. I then had some dreams where I pull out my phone which reminds me of a reality check and quickly decide “naaah, this is not a dream” Don’t make this mistake, do reality checks really GENUINELY.

The Unknown Part

Lucid Dreaming Ultimate has Night mode where you configure App’s behavior at night. It has the following options:

  • Nap
  • REM Interruption
  • Custom REM Interruption
  • Smart REM Interruption
  • Motion Detection
  • Binaural and Isochronic tones

I won’t go into details about these options, but for example Smart REM Interruption plays sound when you are likely in a dream stage (based on an average human); Motion detection would play sound when your phone detects your movement (phone should be on the bed); Binaural and Isochronic tones let’s you fall asleep listening to these.

You should try it yourself. However, I had no success trying the Night Mode. I do not want to say that it doesn’t work, I had tried them to little times. I am going to give another shot soon!


All in all, for 0.99$ it’s a must have! This app is great, simple and handy. It perfectly replaces good old paper dream journal. If you prefer writing in a paper journal you should still get a mobile App like this. You may not have your Dream journal with you, when suddenly you remember a dream! It is also a good reminder for reality checks. You can find it on Google Play.

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Sweet Dreams!


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