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How to Have an Out Of Body Experience Review

Prepare for a very spiritual journey with one of the leading experts in out-of-body experiences – William Buhlman!

Now you may ask: Aren’t the Out-of-Body Experiences different from Lucid Dreams? The short answer would be No, they aren’t. There might be some differences, but all in all, these two phenomena are very close.

William Buhlman, author of “How to Have an Out Of Body Experience” has also written few other books on life after death. William was inspired to explore the afterlife a result of his confrontation with mortality following a cancer diagnosis in 2011. His lucid dreams and out of body experiences during his treatment and recovery provided mind bending visions that were so illuminating that he felt compelled to journal his experiences. William has 40 years of personal experience in OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences) and incorporates various methods, including hypnosis, visualization and meditation techniques  to explore the profound nature of out-of-body experiences and the benefits of accelerated personal

Today I have an audio program from William Buhlman that teaches you how to achieve an out of body experience. It consists of 6 CDs total 7 hours in time. There are 6 sessions and a pack containing interviews with William. Program includes various guided techniques for you to listen while trying to achieve OBE. The sounds are beautifully recorded, great quality and crisp also.  Talking about out-of-body experiences and Lucid Dreams, William prefers OBEs. He explains a way to convert a Lucid Dream into an OBE too.

Session 1: Out-of-Body Preparation. An introduction to the journey. Bible and Koran are given as an example of Out of Body Experiences. William talks about not only knowing the life secrets, but actually exploring them. He shares his first experience before which William was a complete non-believer in that kind of things. The fear of not returning, proper way to react to vibrational state and similar points are discussed. One point worth mentioning – avoid doing OBE in your bed, choose something different, sofa etc. It is so because in bed you are accustomed to sleep and it’s quite hard to stay awake and aware.

Session 2: Cultivating Spiritual Experience.  This session describes various techniques for achieving Out-of-Body state. William shares his story about experiencing higher himself – an experience which blew his mind and after which he realized the true potential of Out-of-Body Journeys. Session 2 includes A conditioning technique – one of the most powerful techniques in this arsenal. Unfortunately not very powerful for me personally.

Session 3: The Astral Realm and Soul’s Journey.   William explains a misconception about Out-of-Body Experiences – we are actually going inwards where all form based realities dissolve instead of traveling out of body. He also pictures one of his experiences about meeting his deceased uncle. While communicating    in an out of body state, the uncle asked him “How the hell William managed to do this?” Meeting and communicating with deceased ones is one of the most gripping experiences for me too.


Art by Jeremiah Morelli

Session 4: Dreams, Guides and Helpers. Now this session was particularly interesting because of ability to heal yourself in an OBE. I have never tried this before, but am very keen to try it as soon as I get a chance, because I have some problems with health myself. William says it is absolutely possible to send healing energy during an OBE and cure the root cause of a physical issue. Shamanism is also discussed. Very common thing in such spiritual practices are dream guides and helpers. William tells how to recognize them and how to interact with them.

Session 5: Working with Karma and Past Lives. A story about William being a  tank commander on WWII in his past life is shared. Do you know who you were in past life? OBEs are perfect not only for this, but also for resolving your inner issues, fears for example. Often various nasty monsters in our Dreams and OBEs are our own inner problems which need to be faced. However facing them  sometimes may be really scary! Have you heard anything about consensus and non-consensus realities? According to William the first ones are those which are constructed and stable and were created by group thought of collective group of individuals.

Session 6: Enhancing Your Spiritual Exploration. Session 6 reviews everything you have learned so far and adds new knowledge bits about OBEs. William points out one very important point – keeping a journal. A journal must become an Explorer’s daily practice. A daily OBE practicing for 30 to 60 days is necessary for conditioning our subconscious mind so we are open to exploring beyond our physical boundaries.

I bet you already heard about how your thoughts make things become real. Here, William talks about molding your reality in OBEs. However, in OBEs we create our reality on much more elegant and conscious fashion. The potential of this is staggering.

The process of death is discussed. It’s essentially an OBE taking us to another realm of reality. You will know, why you should not fear it.

The Interviews.  There are 3 series of interviews. Here are discussed OBEs as essential skill for human evolution. “A true reality is inwards” – William says. Asked about how he feel towards the real world after so many OBEs, William says he feel unattached to real world and less obsessed with physical reality. I believe many people really need to let go some of that physical world too.

Techniques. There are described total of 12 techniques for an OBE induction. Each of them is different and will suit different taste.  Some of them include The Portal tech, The Ladder tech., The Floating Cloud tech. etc. Techniques are from 15 min. to 30 length and beautifully recorded.

My Experience


[spoiler title=”My experience with this program”]

Due to my recent lifestyle I have nearly lost my ability to Lucid Dream and OBE. I believe this is a perfect chance to regain it and test this program. I want to mention that I needed a lot practice and time to learn Lucid Dreaming in the first place – I’m a slow learner. Each day I will practice techniques outlined in this program and will track my progress. William says 30 to 60 days are necessary for daily practice in order to get accustomed to Out of Body Explorations.

Day 1 [Fail] Drank much mate before bed. Woke up after 5 hours of sleep to listen to Target technique audio. I was feeling incredibly sleepy and my earphones was a complete distraction. I was constantly drifting in and out of deep sleep. After all, I didn’t managed to resist temptation to my phone and earphones aside and zonk out.

Day 2 [FailChanged my OBE location from bed to sofa. While listening to an audio I fell asleep again!

Day 3 [FailAlthough time for OBE practices before bed is not recommended I still tried it. No luck

Day 4 [FailTried The Portal technique. Alarm got me up. I need to prepare my mindset more and lay down in a less comfortable position to avoid falling asleep.

Day 5 [Fail] Tried The Globe technique. I just turned on my belly and fell asleep. What a weak-willed! However, I had an awesome non-Lucid Dream

Day 6 [FailFailed again. I decided to upgrade my DIY(do it yourself) sleep earphones for more comfy wearing. Also decided to choose an object in my home for coming OBE practices. William got his first OBE exactly with a help of this technique. My object will be a brown quartz crystal.

Day 7 [Fail]  Listened to Affirmations technique with my new earphones. I fell asleep. Hopefully the affirmations have sank in my subconscious.

Day 8 [FailListened to Interviews and played with my crystal in order to grasp the conception of it – I will need that while practicing The Target technique.

Day 9 [Fail] Listening to any audio on this program really makes me fall asleep quickly. However, I am not looking for a sleep aid, so I’m afraid I will have to discontinue it and concentrate on intention building and The Target technique with my crystal.

Day 10 [Fail] While listening to some audio in the background I fell asleep imagining interaction with my crystal. Unfortunately I haven’t achieved an OBE, but I had became lucid in a dream. However, that fade away in seconds after I became aware…One more remark: I need to journal all my experiences

Day 11 [FailGot up after 4.5h of sleep feeling very very tired. However, I was determined to make at least few OBE attempts this morning. Laid on my back trying to imagine coming up to my crystal and touching it. Unfortunately, I was unable to concentrate. I just lied there neither sleeping nor practicing technique. Few other attempts were the same… Interrupting my sleep after 4.5h went really bad. I need to increase this time amount.

Day 12 [FailI had very little time to sleep this night, so I remembered only one dream. Then I had some sleep in the train. And then I had a little sleep at my grandfather’s. Few non-lucid dream episodes is all I can remember.

Day 13 [FailI was listening to OBE affirmations technique before bed. Unfortunately I then was unable to fall asleep. Then I had some sleep during daytime, because I am not feeling myself well. I bet I won’t be able to fall asleep at night again because of that. Somehow I need to return to the normal sleep/awake time. However today’s the day before the Christmas – the magic time!

Day 14 [FailIn bed I was listening to the Target technique. I had to get up early. While riding the train home I had few naps in a very uncomfortable position. During those I had few episodes of seeing through closed eyes.

Day 15 [FailBack at home again. Took a nap on the sofa using Target technique. No results.

Day 16 [FailUsing Target technique felt strong vibrations. They were quite uncomfortable and I couldn’t relax.

Day 17 [FailTried to have an OBE after 5h of night sleep – no luck, I just fell asleep.

Day 18 [SuccessSuccess! I was on my sofa doing Target technique. I realized I am touching and grabbing my crystal, but not in waking life. A wave of excitement rushed through me and everything quickly faded out, I woke up. Although it was only a second-long Out-of-Body Experience, I feel it’s a real progress.

Few factors: I had a little less sleep then I usually do; I didn’t use any stimulants, coffee etc after waking up; tried for an OBE after 4 hours after waking up.

Since I am planning on testing other Lucid Dreaming/ Out-of-Body Experiences programs I will discontinue using this program. I will count it as successfully completed. Of course, if I wanted to experience more/longer/deeper OBEs, I should practice further. But for now I want to forget everything I learned, I want my skills to vanish and I want to start freshly with a new program.




How to Have an Out Of Body Experience by William Buhlman is a wonderful program. It is not only a guide how to have an OBE but also a pack of deep insights and amazing remarks about Out-of-Body Experiences. William has a lot to say — what else could you expect from a man with 40 years experience? However, if you are an absolute beginner in Lucid Dreams or OBEs consider trying The Art of Lucid Dreaming instead.  How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience program lacks specific instructions on how to achieve this state. I believe it would have been taken me longer to achieve my OBE if I wasn’t familiar with lucid dreams/OBEs bedore. I would recommend this W. Buhlman’s  program to those who are looking not only for a guide on how to have an OBE, but a deeper meaning to that kind of spiritual practices.

Sweet Dreams!


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