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How to Lucid Dream Instantly

So You heard about this call thing called Lucid Dreaming? And you want to learn it fast and without any struggle, right? You are very impatient and want to know how to lucid dream instantly! Well, guess what.

You can’t! Sorry to disappoint you, but Lucid Dreaming requires some time and practice. Like almost any other skill, you acquire it by constantly practicing. Do you believe in “get rich fast” schemes? I hope not. You get money instantly only in lotteries. Same with Lucid Dreaming – you may be lucky and have a spontaneous lucid dream one night, but that’s all!

There’s still hope

However, if you are still reading I am going to share a one-day-course to lucid dreaming with you. We are going to have a full day practice with you, and who knows, maybe that would be enough for you to have your first Lucid Dream! Don’t expect HUGE results. Anyway, a full day of concentrated practice can start you rolling!

Three-headed kitty monster

Lucid Dream is a dream in which you recognize that you are dreaming. Let’s say you are dreaming about running from a three-headed kitty monster and you think “wait a minute, this is strange…three-headed kitty monsters don’t exist…IT MUST BE A DREAM! Holy cow, this is a dream! I can do whatever I want. Well, first I am going to have sex with Brad Pitt on the Moon while swimming in the chocolate pool” And it feels freaking REAL! Cool, right? Can you image how it would feel? By the way, you can have sex not only with Brad Pitt if you want.

This is the way, one becomes lucid in a dream most of the time. You just spot some kind of anomaly in your dream and realize that you are in a dream. Those anomalies are called dream signs. Dream signs are situations which often occur in your dreams. However, not all dream signs contain crazy, impossible or inappropriate content. For example me, I often dream about being at some kind of party. How do I know then if it is a dream or real world? Well, that takes us to another definition – reality check.

Every time I spot myself in a party I do a reality check. You see, things in a dream world work a little different than in real world. Reality checks help distinguish real world from dream world. One of the most reliable reality checks is a nose plug. You simply plug your nose and try to breath – you will be able to do that in a dream! You could also check your palm – in a dream world it would look distorted. There are many more reality checks, but remember these two for now.

Art by Jeremiah Morelli

The last component which is going to help you become lucid is awareness or being present. How many times you caught yourself daydreaming or not remembering what you did few minutes ago – that is an example of being unaware. You must become aware of everything around you in the real world to be able to notice subtle changes in a dream world. Can you remember any crazy or bizarre dream for me? Do you remember how you took for granted everything what was happening in that dream? Let’s take an earlier example. An unconscious dreamer would not question the fact that he is chased by three-headed kitty monster, he would just run for his life! When he wakes up and remembers that dream he thinks “oh my god, what a crazy dream!” While dreaming we tend to become really unaware of what’s is happening. You need to practice being aware in the real world, so awareness would transfer to dream world too! A good way to do that is to stop and ask yourself “what I was doing? Where am I? What I am doing right now?” Also stop and really try to feel your surroundings, be aware of any noise or smell, feel sensations of your body.

Lucid Dream Recipe

Now you know there are three main ingredients to become lucid: dream signs, reality checks and awareness. They all are connected to each other. You must do reality checks and be aware of it. I mean, don’t do them only mechanically. Otherwise you will end up thinking that six fingers on your hand are perfectly normal. You also must be present to be able to notice dream signs in both waking and dreaming world. And finally, you must remember to perform a reality check every time things seem odd. Do you remember the scene from Matrix where Neo is in his office and strange things started to happen? That’s the atmosphere I’m talking about!

Let’s do the work!

Okay, enough talk! I want you to start the practice next time you wake up in the morning. Let that day be all about dreams. I want you to commit to this practice. Give yourself a reward after you honestly completed the practice, or think of a penalty in case you do outlined techniques with laziness or not really concentrating on them.


1. Wake up at a time so by around 23:00 you would be tired enough to go to sleep.

2. Upon awakening try to stay still and remember your dreams. Anything is good. Do you remember a smell? A sound? A feeling? You can think of places and people you hang out most to trigger dream memory. Often you dream about things you do in waking life. If you can’t remember any fragment of a dream, that’s okay.

3. Now I want you to commit to be present and aware of everything around you all day! Every time you remember, please question the reality. Stop what you are doing and ask yourself “where am I? What I was doing?” then follow up with nose plug reality check. Remember – if you are able to breath with your nose plugged, you are in a dream! It is very IMPORTANT to do this exercise in situation where your attention is occupied by some activity, for example when you are hurrying down the stairs to the work or when you are engaged in a conversation.  Where are you going? Does the conversation sounds normal or odd? If you think you would forget to question your reality, set a timer on a phone. You also can check reality every time you look at clock or see a red car. Please remember to be present and aware, this is really important!

4. I want you to think of something that you would like to do in your next lucid dream. Let’s say you want to fly. Now please remember any dream you like from your past. If you are not able to remember anything, just make up a crazy dream. Let’s say you made up a dream about having a conversation with a funny giraffe. Now I want you to rerun the plot of that dream in your head, imagine yourself realizing you are in a dream and finally do your  lucid dream task. So I would imagine myself talking with a giraffe in a dream, then I would imagine myself realizing that I only could talk with giraffe in dreams, therefore becoming aware I am in a dream, and finally I would jump into the air to fly! So, every time you have some free time, rerun this story in your head. Keep yourself excited about your plans in your next lucid dream.

5. Few hours before bed drink a glass of apple juice and eat a banana. They are good for dream vividness and recall. While drinking the apple juice, think how it would give you vivid dreams and good dream recall. The point here is to create a strong intention to have a a vivid dream and remember it. Strongly believing that it would help you, would really help you. It is called placebo effect.

6. You should now be in bed. Try to avoid stimulating activities before bed. I suggest you read a book before sleep. It’s time to relax. Lay on your back. Pay attention to your breathing and imagine releasing tension from every body part. Then run your dream scenario from step 4 one last time, affirm that you will recognize next time you are dreaming and believe you will remember your dreams. Finally, get in your favorite position and let yourself to drift away.


You are done, my friend! I hope you will get some results, maybe even your first lucid dream! Next morning just repeat the first step to remember your dreams. If you can’t remember anything, don’t be sad – something during the day may trigger your dream memory and all the scenes will rush to your head!

To put everything in one sentence about learning lucid dreaming, I would say – be present and and make a habit of remembering your dreams.There’s no “easiest way to lucid dream tonight”. If you were able to have a lucid dream after this one day course – you are a really quick and talented learner!  If you didn’t but still are fascinated by this phenomena, continue to learn and practice. Results will come!


Sweet dreams,

What helped become lucid in a dream for you?

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  • ethanc30 says:
    February 19, 2017 at 2:26 am

    i have one


  • p says:
    November 13, 2014 at 7:34 pm



  • Chris says:
    January 30, 2014 at 12:15 am

    Hi Peter, Very interesting post, I have always found lucid dreaming to be a wonderfully mysterious and fascinating subject. I quite often wake up and recall scenes from dreams naturally and think to myself wow that was a weird dream last night, and try making some sense out of them. Any way thanks for sharing this I am going to give your 6 steps a try,



    • admin says:
      January 30, 2014 at 9:45 am

      Hello, Chriss. Thanks for posting. I suggest you keeping a dream journal if you already don’t have one. This way it will be much more easier to analyze your dreams.


  • sharon says:
    January 29, 2014 at 10:58 pm

    Hey Peter – I found where you hid your comment box 🙂 Love the article – Yes everyone Peter is right Lucid dreaming is great, especially when you wake up from the twilight zone and then choose to go back into to go back into the sleep for another session tee hee . I’m a great believer in meditation and tapping into the unconscious mind, it can bring great benefits to health and wellbeing, Peter Keep up the good work, I’ll be looking for some guided meditation mp3s on here soon – Blessings Sharon


    • admin says:
      January 30, 2014 at 9:43 am

      Hi, Sharon. Thanks for suggestion. Meditation is a really great way to become present in waking life, therefore become more conscious in dream world!


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