Lucid Dreaming Communities

Online Lucid Dreaming Communities let You share Your dreams with others, participate in worldwide experiments and competitions and meet lucid dreamers from all over the world.

Dream Views

Probably the most popular forum on lucid dreams - DreamViews time to time is arranging lucid dreaming competitions. You collect points for different tasks completed in dream world. It's really fun! DreamViews also hosts the DW Academy, wher... Read more


Dream Labs

Dream Labs' goal is not only to train beginner dreamers, but also encourage them to participate in dream experiments. The participants will test out techniques and hypotheses while in dream world. Then dreamers will report back observations... Read more


Dreams Cloud

Dreams Cloud is a service for dreamers. You can log and share your dreams, analyze them. Dream Cloud's mission is to make a better world by creating a deeper understanding of dreams and dreamers. Gathering all dreams and connecting all t... Read more