Lucid Dreaming Masks

Lucid Dreaming Masks are the most popular lucid dreaming devices. For more than one decade people from all around the world were trying to simplify induction of lucid dreams by using technology. Who doesn’t like the idea of getting lucid instantly by wearing a piece of electronics on their head?

LdreamM Lucid Device

LdreamM, developed by Tibor Pajer, a person with a very interesting Scientific and Spiritual background, claims to beat every lucid dreaming device on the market!             ... Read more

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Aurora Headband

The Aurora is a headband that plays special lights and sounds during REM to help you become aware that you are dreaming as you stay asleep - allowing you to take control of your dreams. It is an another successful kickstarter project raisin... Read more

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The NeuroOn Mask

The NeuroOn is a wearable sleep mask that measures your biological signals, including Brain waves, muscle tension, eye movements, pulse, blood saturation, body temperature and body movement during sleep.      &... Read more

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REM-Dreamer Pro

REM-Dreamer Pro is a new version of REM-Dreamer which can record and play voice messages. REM-Dreamer Pro can also be connected to an external speaker for louder volume of audio.          &n... Read more

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Remee Dream Mask

Remee is a specialized sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your Lucid Dreams.                        &... Read more

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