Lucid Dreaming Programs

Lucid Dreaming programs or courses are the best way to achieve a skill of Lucid Dreaming. These programs are packed with theoretical and practical information for you to get started.

The Phase

Here Lucid Dreams, Astral Projections and Out-of-Body Experiences are all considered as a single phenomenon: the Phase. No theorizing or nonsense here. Only what works in practice and nothing else! The essence of the Phase state (lucid d... Read more

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Lucid Dreaming Fast Track

Probably the most popular Lucid Dreaming program in the world! Written by long time Lucid Dreamer Rebecca Turner this beautiful and understandable guide consists of everything you need to know about Lucid Dreaming. It is a perfect starting ... Read more

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Lucidology program's slogan is "How to trick your body into falling asleep to have your first out of body experience" It focuses on exploitation of sleep paralysis phenomena to achieve lucidity in dreams. This program offers quite different... Read more

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How to Have an OBE

Refined and proven during 15 years of W. Buhlman's workshops, this complete course teaches you the essentials of OBE navigation, including: “pre-launch” exercises for creating a focused and grounded mind-set, a core sequence of guided s... Read more

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