BodiSpa Pillow

Take comfort to a new level with the new Bodispa Traveler Massaging Pillow. At first glance, it looks just like any other U-shaped pillow you see by the hundreds in any airport, but this is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A closer look reveals that there are two stereo speakers for your MP3 player or smart phone. A zippered pocket conceals the cable that plugs into the headset jack. Your phone or MP3 player can be tucked inside the pocket, or remain outside, for full access to the controls. Clicking the switch at the front turns on the three speed massaging feature, transforming you to another world no matter how hectic your day has been. A snap closure keeps it secured around your neck or to the handle on your roll aboard bag (which is awesome, because you absolutely won’t want to lose this thing). It runs on (2) AA batteries and is available in your choice of three colors. Buy this and you’ll never travel without The Traveler again. Makes a great gift.

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