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Dreams Cloud

Dreams Cloud is a service for dreamers. You can log and share your dreams, analyze them. Dream Cloud’s mission is to make a better world by creating a deeper understanding of dreams and dreamers.

Gathering all dreams and connecting all the dots is a colossal undertaking and that is exactly what Dreams Cloud aims to do. Dreams Cloud is a dedicated service to dreams and dreamers. All achievements start with a first step and ours is to collect and safe guard dreams.

We continue our efforts to overcome linguistic barriers, expand across devices and platforms, and to increase the depth of our services. We invite you to join us in our journey and help us create a better understanding of our dreams. You can help us by entering and safe-keeping your dreams, allowing others to reflect on your dreams, inviting others to join in, providing us with feedbacks and guidance, and where possible financially through donations, grants, and subscriptions.

 -The Dreams Cloud Team

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