DreamZ tracks your sleep using iPhone’s built in sensors and decides the best time to wake up. It also has dream journal, where you can type or record your dreams. Premium app offers sleep graphs.

Studies show that during REM, our mind reacts to outside stimulation, such as light, sound or touch, and integrates them into the dream’s content. Most of you probably experience a phone ringing during a dream which gets intertwined inside the dream.

DreamZ utilizes this fact and plays specially made audio cues as soon as you enter an REM sleep phase. After several dreams, our mind learns to connect the specific audio cue with the state of being inside a dream, which greatly increase the chances to gaining awareness inside the dream.

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  • Alan says:
    March 8, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    The DreamZ app was copyrighted in 2011, and its creators have had more than enough time to make it work properly. However, I downloaded the app from iTunes 10 days ago and it has not performed to specification. It does not allow the selected ‘reality test’ alert (either spoken or other signal) to sound during daytime, and it failed to record night time sleep phases on three of the five nights tested. Instead of recording sleep phases the app displayed a window saying that such recordings were not made when in “Manual Mode”. Repeated requests to the producer Adam Siton to explain what ‘Manual Mode’ was and how to shut it down were ignored, as was my request for how to get selected alert sounds to trigger during daytime. Unfortunately, like many other app producers, Adam Siton is not bothering to correct the faults in the DreamZ app, even having over 4 years to do so. Why should he when this faulty app continues to sell? The producers of DreamZ are particularly reprehensible because they do not exploit customers’ greed, like the Wall Street vultures, but they prey upon their customers’ wish to create and explore psychological and spiritual possibilities. Do not buy this app: in its present form it is a scam.


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