Lucid Masks

LdreamM Lucid Device

LdreamM has many unique features:

  • LdreamM uses the must advantageous tAC stimulation, plus uses predefined voice reminders to rise the consciousness level even higher and to remind the tasks the dreamer planned before sleeping.
  • If you want, LdreamM even can wake you up after Lucid Dream – not disturbing the other person, sleeping next to you – so you can remember your whole dreams, can follow the repeating dream scenes and dream characters and finally can realise, that your dream life is not something causal, but indeed a whole life with purposes.
  • LdreamM is equipped with high quality stereo Bluetooth module and convenient headphones in pillows, so you can listen to the music or meditation records, and during sleeping can receive voice reminders.
  • Another thing for which you can still use LdreamM is to have biofeedback during meditations, so you can know, when have you reached the alpha state for example.
  • During meditation the tAC stimuli can be pre-programmed to help reaching a given state of consciousness, and, for this purposes you can even have binaural beatings with built in stereo headphones.
  • LdreamM provides real time data acquisition, but the measured data in the same time is stored on a 4 GB SDHC disk in headset, as well. After awakening simple connect LdreamM to computer through an USB cable. LdreamM will behave as a pen drive, so you are able to see any stored data on a special application.
  • This application shows the measured data, finds the frequency components by fast Fourier transformation (FFT), defines the brain states, updates the headset firmware, handles the headset settings and so on.
  • LdreamM has built in battery charger, using the same USB cable.



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