SleepPhones Headphones

Wireless headband earphones for sleeping. These use bluetooth to stream from audio device. Rechargeable with micro-USB cable with 8-12 hours of battery life. Comes in 3 sizes. There is also non wireless version.

Designed by a medical doctor who wanted a better way to listen to relaxing sounds in bed, SleepPhones® Wireless are the first wireless headphones specifically designed for use in bed. They incorporate flat speakers in to a soft, comfortable fleece headband and provide 5-7 hours of listening enjoyment.

Rechargeable via a standard USB port, SleepPhones® Wireless are lightweight and pair easily with any smart phone with Bluetooth® technology or even computers and tablets. Faithfully reproducing high-quality stereo sound, including music, audiobooks, or white noise, they are perfect for improving sleep quality, reducing noises like snoring, traveling, and relaxation.

Winner of an innovation award at the International Consumer Electronics Show, SleepPhones® Wireless have several advantages over alternative bedroom audio devices:
– Comfortable, ability to lie flat, no cables to tangle
– Private audio, not disturbing your partner
– Stereo sound (binaural sounds often used in hypnosis audio feeding sounds to right and left ears)

SleepPhones® Wireless are fully adjustable, you can move the speakers inside the headband to get the perfect fit for your ears, and they can even be washed.

Available in midnight black, soft grey or quiet lavender, SleepPhones® are also available in 3 sizes:
– Extra Small (petite women with short hair)- 51 cm to 54 cm
– Medium (most people) – 55 cm to 59 cm
– Extra Large (large and tall men with hair) – 60 cm to 63 cm

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