Selling Lucid Dreams

Yes, guys from Luciding are literary selling You dreams. As they write “Luciding – service to provide you with guaranteed lucid dreams every night with our headband device.”

About a month ago I had a fun and interesting online conversation about their work and product. After ending a Skype talk I was left fascinated by the Luciding’s vision. The curiosity of how will things go for them is still with me.

I don’t know why, but one movie immediately comes to my mind while writing about the gadgets you put on your head and enjoy a trip. The movie is called Strange Days. A plot quote from Wikipedia: As a group of criminals rob a Chinese restaurant, the event is recorded by a robber wearing a ‘SQUID’, or “Superconducting Quantum Interference Device”, an illegal electronic device which records events directly from the wearer’s cerebral cortex, and when played back through a MiniDisc-like device called a “deck”, allow a user to experience the recorder’s memories and physical sensations.

How the hell I will have a lucid dream every time I put on Luciding device?

luciding team earing headband devices

Luciding team wearing headband devices. Source: Luciding’s Facebook

Most lucid dreaming induction devices use REM (phase of dreams) detection following up with audio/visual cues. These devices (REM Dreamer PRO, etc.) may detect when you are dreaming, but can’t guarantee that you will become lucid. The reason is simple – audio/visual cues don’t make you lucid by themselves, you must associate these cues with realization that you are dreaming. For example, a red light flashing in your dream mask may appear as a flashing traffic light, still leaving you unaware that you are dreaming.

Luciding is different. It zaps your brain during the REM phase to make you lucid in your dream! Don’t worry, the current is very low. You can read the full article about this quite new way of inducing lucid dreams, but know this:

The key finding is that you can, surprisingly, by scalp stimulation, influence the brain. And you can influence the brain in such a way that a sleeper, a dreamer, becomes aware that he is dreaming.

Luciding’s team promises nearly 100% chance to become lucid every time you go into REM phase. These claims are not barren, they are backed-up with test results (Right click > Save As… to read). Also, after using the headband, the test subjects had more frequent lucid dreams without the device later on!

Luciding offers not only a lucid dreaming induction headband but also an accompanying mobile Application. Right now it is in Beta version. You can post your dreams publicly or privately.  More features coming soon. You can find the app on Google Play or iTunes.

Watch the representational movie about Lucid Dreaming Service:

You will not pay for the device, you will pay for dreams.

The pricing model is very interesting. Device’s cost is going to be very affordable. It will come with a subscription to a certain amount of dreams. Yes, the DREAMS are going to be like currency! Let’s say you have 50 lucid dreams in your account. Once your account is expired, the device will stop working. Fortunately, you can resubscribe  to the service and enjoy lucid dreams again. Now that sounds like some real future!

The temptation to find technology solution for lucid dreaming is big!

I want to illustrate this heading with an example of Remee dream mask. Bitbanger Labs‘s goal was to raise 35,000$ to bring their project to life. Instead they have managed  to raise more that 570,000$ ! It is 16 times their expectation. That proves that people want and need such devices (Remee, however, didn’t fulfill many’s expectations, but that’s a topic for another post).

Luciding is planning to go public on one of the crowd-funding platforms later this year. I am looking forward for updates. You can follow them on Facebook.

After all, having a vivid, inspiring and mind-blowing lucid dream is one of the greatest experiences in life. What if we could have one every night?

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