Software for Lucid Dreaming

Like mobile apps, computer software can help You in Your journey for Lucid Dreams.

My Dream Diary

My Dream Diary is completely Free, open-source computer diary, that allows you to create and manage descriptions of dreams. Password protection, archiving, statistics, dream signs are the basic functions of this program.   &n... Read more

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Alchera Diary

This software makes it easy to record and work with dreams. It features a dream dictionary to aid dream interpretation, ability to add dream characters, objects, themes, emotions etc. Search engine lets you find your dreams quickly. You can... Read more

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Neuro Programmer 3

Neuro-Programmer 3 is a flexible but easy to use software application for stimulating the brain, improving your mental abilities and achieving lasting personal change. Using this tool, you control your mind. You can build your own tracks. T... Read more

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Lucille Reality Check

Lucille is a mostly hidden application that pops up questions to help you doing reality tests. The questions can be customized. The look of Lucille can be changed through so called skins. An included manual explains more about the backgr... Read more

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