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The Art of Lucid Dreaming Program Review

Are you absolutely new to Lucid Dreaming or maybe you want to deepen your knowledge about it? Read on!

Today I have a wonderful Lucid Dreaming program in my hands, well,  Actually on my PC and on my MP3 player. The Art of Lucid Dreaming is an all in one package mostly for Lucid Dreaming beginners. I am going to review this program so you could decide whether it is worth to get it or not. The package consists of 112 page eBook, 26 page eBook about meditation specifically for Lucid Dreamers and an MP3 recording of guided meditation.

Let’s start with the main eBook. The Art of Lucid Dreaming is written by Rebecca Turner, a long time lucid dreamer. The books starts with some background info about her and introduction to lucid dreams. The introduction is really well written and rises a desire to learn lucid dreaming. The main chapters in the book are:Get it

  • The nature of sleep and dreams
  • Lucid dreaming techniques
  • Lucid dreaming supplements
  • Lessons in dream control
  • Advanced lucid dreaming

The first chapter covers what are dreams overall. Rebecca writes about history of sleep and dreams, outlines the stages of sleep and explains why we dream and how to interpret those dreams. Few pages of the chapter are dedicated to hypnagogic state – a phenomena which occurs prior to dreaming. Finally, 9 reasons of why should we dream lucidly are given. I liked two of them the most: the first was about lucid dream world being a training ground for real life. As example, the book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming was mentioned, where a surgeon explains how he was able to perform procedures much faster than the average person before practicing them in a lucid dream.  The second reason was about dream world being a place of inspiration. Salvador Dali’s artwork which has dreams theme in it was mentioned.  Did you know that that Paul McCartney, John LennonChristopher Nolan, Stephen King and other famous people got inspiration from their own dreams?

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening.jpg

Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening (Source: Wikipedia)

Chapter Lucid dreaming Techniques gives you everything from how to remember your dreams to lucid dreaming induction techniques including guided meditation and self hypnosis. However, I didn’t find much information, in my opinion, one of the most important techniques – Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD

Chapter 3 discuses four main lucid dreaming supplements used to increased dream recall and vividness. I have written a blog post about three of them too.

 Next, chapter 4 gives you lessons to dream control. Most people new to lucid dreaming are trying hard to realize themselves in a dream. When they achieve that often they become so exited and overwhelmed that they immediately wake up. You will learn how to stay lucid as long as you can and overcome your nightmares. Also – how to spot fake awakenings and let go yourself to sleep paralysis.  

Finally, Advanced Lucid Dreaming chapter gives you some inspiration for lucid dreams. “Show me myself in 10 years” – that was most intriguing thing to ask my lucid dream out of 10 things mentioned in this eBook. I will definitely ask this question my lucid dream. Next, the part I really loved, was an interview with one the most famous lucid dream researchers – Robert Waggoner. The big found for me was his co-edited quarter journal The Lucid Dream Exchange. I had no idea this existed! You can read the latest number for free hereOne of the most intriguing question Robert Waggoner had answered in this interview was “Have you ever met a “real” person inside a lucid dream and been able to validate their presence in the
mutual dream?

Guided meditation MP3

The guided meditation MP3 which is included in this package is…OK. The narrator guides you to the secret garden where you can relax and helps you to plant an intention for dream recall and vividness. The sound quality of it is excellent. However, it feels a little too fast. Listening to it I felt rushed to relax and I didn’t like that. It was a kind of hard to follow up with the narrator. The recording is in female voice. Personally I prefer deep male voice for this kind of recordings, but that’s just me.

Guided Meditation Handbook eBook

The Guided Meditation Handbook consists of two main parts: theory and practice. In the theory part the brief history of meditation is presented. You will read about benefits of meditation and understand how guided meditation differs from simple meditation. Basic rules for guided meditation and for visualization settings are outlined. Finally you will know how and why meditation can be beneficial for lucid dreaming.

In the practical part, the text for guided meditation is given. It’s the same text from the MP3 recording. You can memorize it and play back in your mind while relaxing or record your own guided meditation file with your own voice. You will relax, deepen, visit your imaginery dreamworld and finally return from it. 
Next thing on this eBook is Dream incubation technique, which is similar to my post How to Become Lucid Instantly. After that Rebbeca walks you through Wake Induced Lucid Dream technique and finally explains how to experience an Out of Body state. According to author, Out of Body experience differs from a Lucid Dream in that, you appear floating above your bed in your bedroom fully conscious instead of realising yourself in a dream scenario.  

Final thoughts on the eBook

The Art of Lucid Dreaming  set is well written piece of material for novice dreamers. It covers everything you need to know about sleep and dreams. It is a perfect starting point if dreams phenomena has caught your attention and you want to know more. The books is also illiustrated with beautiful pictures by Jeremiah Morelli and inspiring quotes about dreams from famous people. That gives a nice magic feeling while reading the book.

Although this learning kit is perfect for beginners, if you are a frequent lucid dreamer allready, I doubt you will learn anything new.  Information in this eBook covers many many topics about sleep and dreaming, but not in great detail. However it’s nice to have a quick reference if you have forgotten something.

If you want to get a copy of The Art of Lucid Dreaming kit, you can visit World of Lucid Dreaming website.


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